“What? Like it's hard?"
- Legally Blonde

Why did no one tell me planning a wedding so hard?! I went from "planning my wedding is the best thing ever" to "I'm going to rip my hair out" in .3 seconds.


When I felt like this I would read wedding blogs, go through that popular girls FB album, watch Youtube videos, or go to my ever coveted Pinterest board. While this gave me inspiration, it didn't offer me any practical tips + tricks. You know what did? Talking to my friends. Talking to my sister in laws. Talking to my photographer and videographer. Talking to people I trusted!  An "a-ha!" moment went off in my brain and Brit/Vid Wedding Polls were born!


In 2019 I asked couples over 50 questions about their weddings and relationships.  Download this FREE guide to help you plan your wedding + prepare for your marriage!

"I declare... BANKRUPTCY!" 
- The Office

Hoping this guide will keep you in the clear from saying this - ha! Not only are you about to get married, you're about to combine finances! This is a topic I feel like is never discussed before tying the knot. 

When I graduated college in 2017 I was up to my ears in student loan debt, getting married in 5 months, and had just started working in non-profit. Finances terrified me to say the least. I took Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University  and in 1.5 years, I paid off $25,000!

In this FREE guide you can download my budget template I used for getting out of debt, as well as a few pointers when it comes to getting on the same page about $$ with your spouse. 

Free with a suggested $10 donation towards The Anna's House Foundation. Anna's House is a private foster care agency in Oklahoma dedicated to bringing a future of hope and healing to children in OK DHS custody. To read more + donate, please visit

(Due to the current state of our economy I know not everyone will be able to donate! Still grab your guide anyway!)

Oh heck yeah, I need these!

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